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Do you need rent portable storage for your home or business? Look no further because Quick Portable Storage can help with all of your temporary mobile storage needs. Homeowners need a portable storage container during a remodels while schools and businesses can find semi-permanent portable storage units for excess inventory and supplies, nationwide! Just enter your zip code and we will find you a range of 10 foot, 20 foot and 40 foot portable storage containers for any job. In just a few clicks you will see that Quick Portable Storage has storage container you need every time.

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  • Simplicity and speed are the top reasons to get started ASAP with Quick Portable Storage. We help you weed through the various portable storage companies that may try to up-sell you with customizations you don't need or hit you with hidden charges. We think that when you rent a mobile storage unit it should be the easiest part of your project, not a hassle. Quick Portable Storage friendly and experienced team will help make sure your storage container is delivered on time every time.

    What is the Process Involved With Renting Portable Storage?

    In order to get started you will have to first decide:

    • How long will I need the portable storage unit?
    • How large will my container need to be? (best to err on the larger side)
    • Do I have enough room for the unit to be placed on my property and for the delivery truck to maneuver?
    • What type of security options will I need based on my area and what I am storing?

    Clearly a contractor looking for portable storage for their expensive equipment will have different needs than a homemaker fed up with clutter in the garage. That is what makes Quick Portable Storage so special, we can streamline the entire process for any type of customer large or small. We provide professional drivers who can deliver mobile storage units anywhere you need them. We realize that your time is precious and will work around your schedule. Your belongings' safety is also our utmost priority and we advise our clients on door locks and other security measures when you rent a portable storage unit. In short, Quick Portable Storage is here for you to make everything more easy and to make you feel secure in your portable storage container rental, so get started now.

    Anyone on the fence about whether portable storage prices are worth it should just look at the alternative. For the construction company who would need to leave their tools outside all night versus in a weather proof portable storage container the choice is clear. But for the everyday user a mobile storage unit means that you might not have to throw out cherished belongings or memorabilia you have collected along the way. And the ultimate comparison to prove the value of the cost of portable storage is if you look at what it would cost for the same square footage of new construction. Once you do this you will see why thousands of individuals and companies every month rely on Quick Portable Storage to save money on temporary, portable space.

    • Q: What are the Portable Storage Containers Built From?

      Most containers are ISO rated steel containers designed to handle international trade on the high seas. These containers are even called sea-containers in the industry. More portable storage companies are beginning to offer containers that only have a steel frame wrapped with combinations of materials including aluminum, plastic and special polymers.

    • Q: Are the Storage Containers Water & Weather Proof?

      Ensuring your portable storage container is water proof should be a top priority. This should only really be a concern on much older containers where the seals can wear down after years of use.

    • Q: Can I Move My Storage Container When It Is Loaded?

      Most mobile storage companies will move a fully loaded container but they will not want to take responsibility for damage to items inside that are not strapped down well. Also, for larger 20-40 foot portable storage containers they will need specially fitted trucks called side-loaders to move once full.

    • Q: How do I choose a container size?

      You may be limited by the space you have on your property or construction site. But generally a 10 foot portable storage unit will hold two rooms worth of items while a 40 foot portable storage unit will hold up to an entire house. You always want to order a larger mobile storage unit rather than just trying to get the minimal size you think might work.

    • Q: What is the best way to load a portable storage unit?

      Always load heavier items first and make sure you have straps to keep larger items from moving around or shifting which can cause damage to other more fragile items. It is best to evenly distribute your items especially if you will be moving the container while loaded. Another great tip is to put a few wood planks down under your portable storage unit before loading so it doesn't leave any permanent marks.

    • Q: Can I purchase a portable storage unit?

      Yes there are options to purchase and for long term leases with great terms. All steel mobile storage units will last a very long time and can be a great investment.

    • Q: Is there customization available?

      Yes the most common customizations are for additional doors on the side of a portable storage container and for advanced locking features that make it difficult to break into. Another popular modification is extra wide containers which allows for loading with forklifts and other advantages. Ventilation for hot climates and doors on both ends are great for some businesses.

Recent Requests From Our Customers:

8' x 20' steel container with 1 door, 4 windows, bars, viynl floor, 3-4' light fixturesand painted drywall. Thanks.

Dan L., Los Angeles, CA

Need a waterproof storage container for about 3 months.

Claudia M., Chicago, IL

We need a container to store tables, chairs and other equipment for our famers market and other non for profit community projects.

Dan L., Indianapolis, IN

Looking to buy a 10 foot, "one trip" storage container. Needs to be in new or very near new condition. Please send pricing, including shipping to 77002. Thank you.

Dan L., Houston, TX

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