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Portable Storage Container Prices

Quick Portable Storage is the number one place to find and quickly compare prices on portable storage containers. Use the quick quote request tool to compare prices from a few of the top portable storage companies in your area, making it easier than ever to save time and get the best rate on portable storage.

Portable Storage Rental Rates

Portable storage units costs vary depending on the size, optional features, and your location. There are three main sizes of portable storage units:

  • 7 Ft. Portable Storage Units - you should expect to pay around $115 - $170 per month.
  • 12 Ft. Portable Storage Units - 12 ft portable storage containers typically rent for around $145-185 per month.
  • 16 Ft. Portable Storage Units - you should expect to pay around $175 - $205 per month.

Prices do not include delivery, which usually costs an additional $75 - $100 per unit. These prices are for storage at your own location, prices will typically be 30% - 50% higher for storage in a climate controlled warehouse.

Tips For Getting the Best Prices on Portable Storage Containers

Getting the best rate on portable storage is easier than it’s ever been, follow these simple steps to get the best rates on a storage container:

  • Compare Rates - by comparing rates on portable storage from a few companies in your area you can easily get the lowest price. Thankfully, Quick Portable Storage makes it easier than it’s ever been to compare prices from local companies.
  • Choose a Local Company - choosing a local company can help you save on delivery and pick up fees. When you are selecting a company it’s important for them to include delivery and pick up fees in the quote.
  • Select the Right Size - getting the right size portable storage container is important to getting the best price. If you choose a unit that is too large then you will end up paying for space that you aren’t using, but it’s even worse to get a unit that’s too small as you will have to order another unit and pay additional delivery and pick-up fees.

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